Hotel  Liebeskind is equipped with a modern system of radial catalytic ionization, which protects our guests by eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and allergens. Such systems are used in among others places, operating theaters guaranteeing the highest efficiency possible. At the same time this solution is no way bordensome for guests. It is noiseless and odorless and does not require airing the rooms

In addition at the entrance to the building there is a thermal imaging camera that checks the body temperature of people entering the hotel. Access to the room  is possible using a mobile phone-based application, thanks to which direct contact with the staff can be limited to minimum.

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A.Liebeskind Boutique Hotel | Krakow | Special events

Special events

For your Anniversaries, Holy Communions, Baptisms and all other special occasions, we invite you and your family to visit us. At Hotel Liebeskind, every meeting is unique.
A.Liebeskind Boutique Hotel | Krakow | Culinary Cracow

Culinary Cracow

In the immediate vicinity of Liebeskind Hotel there are countless tempting bistros

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